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Moddershall Oaks Weddings by Kim Shaw Photography

Posted on June 30, 2016 by Kim Shaw Photography under Weddings
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In March 2016 I was at one of my favourite Staffordshire wedding venues Moddershall Oaks, which is nestled amidst 72 acres of picturesque woodland and private grounds in the Staffordshire countryside.

Kim Shaw Photography is privileged to be one of the Moddershall Oaks preferred suppliers so I get to visit this fabulous venue quite often and this time I was there to capture the wedding of Clare and Joe.

Moddershall Oaks is a stunning venue any time of the year, the beautiful grounds look fabulous even in the winter when the trees have no leaves and they also have a large pond (or small lake) that you can walk all the way around. Even though Moddershall Oaks has a beautiful area all set aside for outside weddings with the addition of a new static Oak Gazebo, Clare and Joe decided to get married inside the venue as being mid March, although dry it was still a bit nippy.

Clare looked as pretty as a picture in her bridal gown and her dad looked so proud to give her away as the walked down the aisle. The ceremony went without a hitch and there were even a few tears from the bride and the guests when the bride herself read a reading for her groom.  The bridesmaids were the brides two daughters and the grooms daughter and the best man was the grooms son.

Right on cue the sun shone when the ceremony had finished so the guests enjoyed drinks and canapés outside while the photographs were being taken (another great thing about Moddershall Oaks is that it has astro-turf so the garden isn’t muddy and your heels don’t sink, which is great for the guests when it comes to photo time)!

It was a fabulous fun family day and there was lots of laughter which is what a wedding is all about, having fun with the ones that are dear to you.


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