Me and my lovely Mum

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Photo Fear

Well, what can I say … first of all I am one of those people who doesn’t like having my photograph taken … which for a photographer it is not practicing what I preach … I tell my clients ‘it’s not that bad, honest’  and  ‘once the first couple of shots are out of the way you will enjoy the whole thing’ … which to be fair is actually quite true as having your photograph taken is never as bad as the thought of having your photograph taken.  My mum is pretty similar, she tries to keep out of the way when the camera is about, however on this particular occasion I was having none of it 🙂

Social Media

When I shoot weddings I think it is quite important  to get some groups shots of the family as families don’t seem to get together that much any more.  With the advent of Social Media actually ‘keeping in touch’ has never been easier but I can’t help but feel that it is at the detriment of actually going to visit  family, and events like the happy occasion of a wedding or even the sad occasion of a funeral is generally about the only times when some families do all come together.


Part of the problem is distance, once upon a time families lived quite close to each other, maybe in the same or next street but these days families seem to be spread fr and wide. I mean I don’t get to see my family that much as they live about 250 miles away but I do keep up with my sister, niece, aunties and cousins on Social Media and speak to my parents every day on the telephone .. and even now and again on FaceTime (I bought my dad an iPad but I have to phone him to explain how to use it and receive a FaceTime video every time I want to FaceTime them, it’s quite comical really)  but its not quite the same as actually seeing them in the flesh and being able to give them a hug, especially seeing as my dad is in this 90’s and my mum will be 90 this year (but don’t tell her I told you that), and although I don’t like to think about it, their time is limited, which brings me back to photographs.


Having a photograph, a proper photograph of the people close to you is a wonderful thing, although to be honest you will not really know the significance of it until way after it has been taken.  Not to be maudlin but I have had brides message me after the loss of a grandparent saying things like  ‘this photographs important before but now to me it is priceless’.  I can speak from personal experience from the loss of my father-in-law as I took a beautiful photograph of him a few years prior and that photograph is now enlarged and framed and sits on my mother-in-laws dresser and although it can never replace him that photograph is a never ending source of comfort to her. …which brings me back to my photograph of me with my lovely mum!

I am very close to my mum and love her more than I can ever explain so I was determined that I was going to have a proper photograph, a proper moment in time that I can keep and look at when things are tough and I could do with a hug from my mum (as mum cuddles are the best), so I took her down the the studio, set up my lights and my camera, fixed up my remote trigger and took this photo .. and I love it and what’s better is so does my mum.  I do have various ‘snaps’ of us together at various stages of my life but none like this  … and I think this one is my favourite.