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Slater’s Country Inn Wedding Photography

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Slater’s Shopping Village, next door to Slater’s Country Inn is the home of Kim Shaw Photography as I have had my wedding photography showroom there for the last three years.  It has lead to me shooting quite a few weddings at Slater’s as the venue kindly recommend me as their preferred photographer.

Slater’s Country Inn is a lovely place for a wedding, only 10 minutes from J15 of the M6 motorway and with plenty of free parking and hotel rooms so guests can stay after the wedding it is a great location if you have guests who have to travel a distance.  It used to be a farm so at its heart is old farm buildings and with it being surrounded by fields it has a real countryside feel which is one of the reasons that Richard & Sarah chose it for their wedding in March 2016.

Back in January 2015 after seeing some of my work and meeting me, Sarah and Richard decided that I was the photographer for them (which is always nice) and they booked me to capture their special day. With me being an established wedding photographer covering Staffordshire, Shropshire and Cheshire (and further afield too)  it is always advisable to book that far in advance (even further in advance for summer weekend dates) as I tend get booked up pretty quickly.

Sarah got ready at her parents house in Knypersley with her bridesmaids and her little boy Archie (who looked very dapper in his little three piece suit) and travelled to Slater’s Country Inn in a Stretch Limo (which I think was more for Archie as he was so excited to ride in it) where Richard was waiting nervously for Sarah to arrive.

The ceremony was lovely, just as the bride and groom wanted it to be and luckily it stayed dry for the photographs afterwards so I took the bride and groom off on their own to another location for some photographs of just the two of them before returning to Slater’s Country Inn for the group shots.

The day ran smoothly and a good day was had by all!


Beautiful wedding dress and shoes

Slater’s Country Inn Wedding Photography


Engagement ring by Kim Shaw Photography

Diamond Engagement Ring


Cute wedding photographs.

Cute pageboy


Groom and groomsmen photographs

Suited and Booted


Fun wedding photography

Boys will be boys !


Beautiful natural wedding photography

Beautiful bridal photography


Wedding Ceremony Photography

The wedding ceremony


Wedding Rings

Exchange of rings


Wedding Ceremony Photography

Signing the register


Wedding ceremony photography at Slater's Country Inn

Wedding ceremony photography at Slater’s Country Inn


Limousine for Weddings

Bride, Groom and the limo


Romantic bride and groom photography

Romantic bride and groom time


Classical, natural wedding photography

Classical wedding photographs


Quirky wedding photography

Beautiful flowers


Family Photographs

The wedding party


Family group shots at weddings

The beautiful bride and her parents


Romantic Wedding Photography

Bride and groom at Slater’s Country Inn


Bride and groom wedding photographs

Bride and groom at Slater’s Country Inn


Wedding Cakes

Cutting the cake


Best man wedding speech

Father of the bride speech


Grooms wedding speech

Groom speech


First dance wedding song

First Dance


Moddershall Oaks Weddings by Kim Shaw Photography

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In March 2016 I was at one of my favourite Staffordshire wedding venues Moddershall Oaks, which is nestled amidst 72 acres of picturesque woodland and private grounds in the Staffordshire countryside.

Kim Shaw Photography is privileged to be one of the Moddershall Oaks preferred suppliers so I get to visit this fabulous venue quite often and this time I was there to capture the wedding of Clare and Joe.

Moddershall Oaks is a stunning venue any time of the year, the beautiful grounds look fabulous even in the winter when the trees have no leaves and they also have a large pond (or small lake) that you can walk all the way around. Even though Moddershall Oaks has a beautiful area all set aside for outside weddings with the addition of a new static Oak Gazebo, Clare and Joe decided to get married inside the venue as being mid March, although dry it was still a bit nippy.

Clare looked as pretty as a picture in her bridal gown and her dad looked so proud to give her away as the walked down the aisle. The ceremony went without a hitch and there were even a few tears from the bride and the guests when the bride herself read a reading for her groom.  The bridesmaids were the brides two daughters and the grooms daughter and the best man was the grooms son.

Right on cue the sun shone when the ceremony had finished so the guests enjoyed drinks and canapés outside while the photographs were being taken (another great thing about Moddershall Oaks is that it has astro-turf so the garden isn’t muddy and your heels don’t sink, which is great for the guests when it comes to photo time)!

It was a fabulous fun family day and there was lots of laughter which is what a wedding is all about, having fun with the ones that are dear to you.


Kim Shaw Photography Staffordshire

Moddershall Oaks Spa an amazing wedding venue in Staffordshire

Staffordshire Wedding Photographer Kim Shaw Photography

Beautiful Wedding Venue in Staffordshire Moddershall Oaks

Kim Shaw Photography Moddershall Oaks

Kim Shaw Photography preferred supplier of Moddershall Oaks Wedding Venue Staffordshire

Creative and relaxed wedding photography Staffordshire

Creative photography at Moddershall Oaks Wedding Venue in Staffordshire by Kim, Shaw Photography

Wedding Photographer Kim Shaw in Staffordshire

Delightful Wedding Venue in Staffordshire Moddershall Oaks Spa

Relaxed Wedding Photography Staffordshire

Emotive Wedding Photography by Kim Shaw Photography at Moddershall Oaks Spa

Fabulous wedding photography in Staffordshire

Fabulous Staffordshire Weddings at Moddershall Oaks Spa

Weddings in Staffordshire by Kim Shaw Photography

Wedding Venues in Staffordshire Moddershall Oaks Spa

Natural wedding photography by

Natural wedding photography at Moddershall Oaks Spa Staffordshire

Informal wedding photography in Staffordshire

Fun, informal weddings at Moddershall Oaks Spa in Staffordshire

Wedding Photography in Staffordshire by Kim Shaw Photography

Moddershall Oaks Spa in Staffordshire a beautiful wedding venue

Romantic wedding photography by Kim Shaw Photography at Moddershall Oaks in Staffordshire

Romantic Wedding Venue Moddershall Oaks Spa in Staffordshire

Wedding photography perfect for Moddershall Oaks by Kim Shaw Photography

Perfect Staffordshire wedding venue Moddershall Oaks

Stunning images at Moddershall Oaks Wedding Venue by

Stunning wedding venues in Staffordshire Moddershall Oaks

memories made by


Full Time Wedding Photographer – I do get to travel !

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As a full time wedding photographer I do get to travel about a fair bit with my job which is great. This month has been no exception with six weddings in nine days. These have taken me from a lovely wedding in Lusty Glaze Cornwall at the The Glendorgal Hotel, to The Three Horseshoes on the Staffordshire / Derbyshire border, then into heart of Staffordshire to The Upper House and then Slater’s Country Inn for two weddings. Then finally into Shropshire for a countryside wedding at the gorgeous Goldstone Hall. The weather has gone from wall to wall sunshine to thunder storms and downpours and back again, but that’s the great British summer for you and something that as a wedding photographer you have to adapt to and overcome. However, I have worked with the most fabulous brides and grooms, met the most lovely people and worked at some of the best wedding venues so I wouldn’t change my job as a full time wedding photographer for anything ……. Now I want to sleep for a week but unfortunately the editing won’t do itself 🙁

a new series for my blog

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Personally I find putting things into words quite difficult, hence I chose a profession that allows me to record things in pictures and not words. However, saying that, I have been thinking for a while that I really must start to blog my work more often. After chatting with a tutor at a recent workshop I attended I was encouraged to blog more regularly not only to tell people what Kim Shaw Photography has been up to but to show images that I have taken that I particularly like …….it doesn’t necessarily have to be a wedding image or an image that I have taken whilst working as Kim Shaw Photography but any image that I have taken.


So, a new series will be coming to my blog called …….  “I like this image because …..”

Wedding Photographer’s Blog

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Hello everyone!

As you will have seen I haven’t written a blog post for quite a while which is no less than shameful! However in mitigation as the wedding season in now in full swing I have been rather busy with client meetings, photographing weddings, editing, album designing, photographing newborn babies and something else which is very exciting but I can’t mention until it is finalised!

Also, I must admit I find blog writing quite difficult, I was never any good at writing stories when I was at school.  Although I had the imagination and could see it all in my head I just couldn’t seem to get those thoughts down on paper, hence probably the reason I became a photographer in later life as those thoughts and that imagination can be shown in the form of photographs, so I tell my stories in photographs instead of words which seems to suit me.

I have lots of weddings to blog about when the wedding season calms down a bit and also you find out things in life that give you a bit of a push and I have recently had one of those pushes so watch this space!  x

Shrewsbury Wedding Photographer – Rowton Castle

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Every wedding photographer has a few venues that they call their favourites, venues where they just love to photograph weddings as the venue is stunning, the location is fabulous, the staff are wonderful and you get looked after really well. Being a wedding photographer in Shropshire one of my favourite venues which has all of this in abundance is Rowton Castle near Shrewsbury.

Having shot weddings at Rowton Castle many times I knew where the best places were to capture the kind of images that my bride and groom were looking for.  The bride and groom had a great day, we had a fabulous time wandering around the grounds in the warm sunshine, and as always the venue and the staff did the bride and groom proud.

I thought I would share a few of the wedding day images of Laura and Martin with you.











Civil Wedding Photographer, Shropshire – A Different Kind Of Wedding

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As a photographer in Staffordshire , a couple of years ago I had the pleasure of meeting a lovely lady named Carole Renshaw who contacted me to take some headshots for her new website.  Carole is whats known as a Civil Celebrant and she was starting up her own business.   Since my initial meeting with Carole I have photographed her new puppy Micha (who was the biggest puppy I had ever seen) and her own wedding to the lovely Keith (at which she used the services of a Celebrant, and the wedding service was just perfect).

I have asked her to write a piece for my blog on what she does and how it could fit in with your wedding day!

So read on and see if the services of a Celebrant could be something that you would consider to make your special day even more special.


Want to have a wedding ceremony that’s your own story?

Excited at writing your own vows?

 Longing for a photo album like no other!


 Then chances are that you’re best using the services of a Civil Celebrant!

 A Civil Celebrant is someone who designs and takes wedding ceremonies with a unique twist!  They’re written with you, the couple in mind.  What’s more, you can be guaranteed that no other couple will have a wedding ceremony like yours!

If you’ve been married before then this approach will probably stir your imagination.  You may have had the traditional church wedding or  a civil ceremony at a licensed venue.   If you did, then you know the patter, you know the routine and you know what’s expected!  And that’s because you’re doing what hundreds have done before you in that very location.

Now let’s imagine you could hold your ceremony absolutely anywhere, under your favourite tree, on a local beach, in a favourite meeting place, even in your own gardens if they match your requirements.  That’s the beauty of using a Celebrant.  We can perform the celebration of marriage absolutely anywhere – licensed or not!  You can be certain that no other couple will have a photo album like yours!

You do need to undertake the legal formalities of marriage separately at the Register Office beforehand as we don’t have the powers to formally marry you.   And many people don’t know this, but it’s not the exchange of rings or vows that make you legally unite, it’s the signing of the register with your two witnesses and saying a few declaratory and contractual statements.  Once you’ve done that, then you’re free to hold the ceremony where you want and written in a style that reflects who you are as a couple.  Celebrating your wedding this way has much to offer:

  • You have complete choice over how your ceremony looks and feels  – you’re not following  the standard corporate packages.
  • The sky’s the limit in terms of what can be said about you.
  • You get to design your own vows and commitments.
  • Your whole wedding ceremony is your story and reflects who you are.

And why am I an advocate of this approach?  Well firstly I’m a Celebrant and know the real difference that this approach can make.  And secondly, I married this way myself in June 2012  and used the services of a fellow Celebrant, Julie Barnes,  to design and conduct our ceremony.  I was over the moon about how it went, and the experience and emotion that ran through our day!

And of course I asked Kim to do the honour of being with us on the day and capture the spirit of what we were about, (which she did brilliantly) !

So if you’re interested in chatting through a different way of getting married, then I’d be happy to talk you through it.  I live in the Staffordshire and Shropshire borders but am free to travel to help you celebrate that special day!

Carole Renshaw

Civil Celebrant

07723 346 820

Staffordshire Wedding Photographer – Slaters Country Inn

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Earlier this year, as a Staffordshire Wedding Photographer,   I had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of Karen & Mark at Slaters Country Inn and Keele Church.

wedding photographer at slaters country inn

Keele Wedding Photographer

slaters country inn wedding photography

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